Wednesday, 15 June 2016 Skins New Updated might be the greatest mixture of games ever: classic game Snake and popular browser and mobile PvP cell-munching game

Are they snakes? Are the worms? Who understands, but you can dress up them. Every game can be made 200% better via make-up and is not any exception. I personally enjoy to rain terror on unsuspecting snakes with the red, white, and green skin and the purple and green skin --but you'll have your own favorites.

Here we are going to see some Skins Updated version. I hope you guys will love them. Skins

How to unlock skins in makes you use specific names for skins, but is a little more relaxed: you are able to now unlock every skin just by sharing on Twitter or Facebook.

There's one way to get without actually sharing them unlocked, but it's just verified to work on the PC-based browser version. Here's how you are doing it:

Click the 'Share on Facebook' icon at the bottom right of the page of the game before clicking 'Play'
Instantly leave once it comes up the Facebook sharing prompt,
Tada, you might have the skins!
See? Super simple, and you do not have to do it each time you need to play in that browser. The game will remember that you just clicked the button, which is all that really matters. It is unknown if this works on the iOS and Android variants of, but it's worth a shot.

Present skins

The game's developers have confirmed they will be adding more skins over time and have already added a few since the game launched. We're bound to get more, but here are pictures of every skin currently accessible if you're feeling lazy. This list will be updated as new skins are added.

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